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I feel so cool. I just discovered this Twitter feed dedicated to highlighting Los Angeles’s missed connections. (W for M.)

Is there a M for W version I should be aware of?


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I know complaining about Twitter trending topics is like peeing into the wind but #Unwifeable is a Twitter trending topic right now.

Yes. It is as terrible as it sounds.

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why not spend the extra $31,106,250?

p.s. you can follow us here: @YLoQ

(via Bits and Pieces)

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As many of you read, I had a bit of a run-in with Dominos. Long story short: I ordered, angry twittered, called to complain and still received zero food. I even went so far as to start calling the delivery guy Benny though pizza tracker clearly told me his name is Benito. I became concerned for his life and subsequently made jokes about his possible death.

All this aside, I decided to give Domino’s another chance. Come with me now on another Domino’s adventure.


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