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I feel so cool. I just discovered this Twitter feed dedicated to highlighting Los Angeles’s missed connections. (W for M.)

Is there a M for W version I should be aware of?


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Zoya’s Earth Day nail polish exchange is for you, my friend. Starting today, April 22nd, until June 30, you can send in a minimum 6 bottles of yucky old polish and for the price of $3.50 per bottle (shipping), Zoya will send you on a per bottle basis, a brand new Zoya polish.

So you can trade in 6 old colors (bye-bye, practically empty Sally Hansen strengthener, Wet n Wild base and top coat, nasty LA Colors polish I got for $.50 and never wore) and get 6 new colors (hello Zoya Charla, Ivanka, Mimi, Posh, Harlow and Kiki!)

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I’d like to go out with you. I lose my phone all the time (or step on it, or spill sugar free Red Bull on it, or drop it out of my pocket while running to catch a bus and watching it shatter into a million pieces) so I feel like we have a lot in common.

I’ll buy you a beer.

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Funny little NY Post article about how the 3 martini lunch has now become “salad.”

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Do you have a blog? If so, you have experienced spam comments. Some of these comments are insanely hilarious, almost like absurd poetry, in their complete generality and inability to pertain to the topic at hand.

Bask in some of their strangely punctuated glory before I purge them from our dashboard forever, until the next batch of a million spam comments needs to be deleted.


The moment I found this site was
like wow. Thank you for
putting your effort in making
this tutorial.

build solar panels

i dont know him personally
so i cant judge his character, but
it seems to me that hes just a sweet little kid and
in a few years his voice will change
and hell
lose his fame.

hes the current aaron carter.

i went to a movie with my parents and
they played one of his music videos
before the movie and
my mom said
“why is that little boy wearing lipstick?
is that a boy?
his voice sounds like a girl and
his face could go either way,
but his hairs short.
is that a jonas brother or something?”

i was laughing my head off.

T G Pit

I just hate to ask for more,
but still do,
so more

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Even you, grumpy old man!

Kids These Days!

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So if on a newspaper, it’s called “above the fold,” what would you call that on a news website? “Above the scroll?” (“Scrolling is relative, you can’t say that.” – Erin)

Other suggestions?

Weigh in via comments!

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