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Zoya’s Earth Day nail polish exchange is for you, my friend. Starting today, April 22nd, until June 30, you can send in a minimum 6 bottles of yucky old polish and for the price of $3.50 per bottle (shipping), Zoya will send you on a per bottle basis, a brand new Zoya polish.

So you can trade in 6 old colors (bye-bye, practically empty Sally Hansen strengthener, Wet n Wild base and top coat, nasty LA Colors polish I got for $.50 and never wore) and get 6 new colors (hello Zoya Charla, Ivanka, Mimi, Posh, Harlow and Kiki!)


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Yesterday, I cataloged all of the nail polish I currently own. This is because I have a list-making addiction and also because I have had sleeping problems in the last week.

1. Expressionist Red (Finger Paints) matte red
2. Rockin in Rubies (Wet N Wild Rock Solid) metallic red
3. Museum of Modern Mauve (Finger Paints) metallic dark pink
4. Quartz of Course (Wet N Wild Rock Solid) metallic pink
5. Times Square (NYC Color) matte orange-pink
6. Greenwich Village (NYC Color) matte hot pink
7. Orchid (Forever 21 Love and Beauty) shimmery purple-pink
8. Rose Bowl (American Apparel) matte light pink
9. Precious Peach (Sally Hansen Diamond Strength) shimmery orange
10. Blank Canvas Cream (Finger Paints) matte beige
11. Café au Lait (Avon Speed Dry) shimmery gold
12. Easel Come, Easel Go (Finger Paints) bright shiny silver
13. Shield (Wet N Wild Craze) shimmery bronze
14. Rustic (Wet N Wild Craze) shimmry copper-gold-brown
15. Pink Twinkle (Cover Girl Boundless Color) pink glitter top coat
16. unnamed white (Wet N Wild Crystallic) white, from a French Tip kit, IIRC
17. Lavender (Forever 21 Love and Beauty) gray-ish purple shimmer
18. Factory Grey (American Apparel) matte dark gray
19. Office (American Apparel) matte mint green
20. Jade (Wet N Wild Craze) shimmery bright green
21. San Francisco (Sinful Colors) shimmery dark dark green
22. Sapphire Blue (Wet N Wild Wild Shine) shimmery dark blue
23. Bijou Blue (Wet N Wild Wild Shine) shimmery teal blue
24. Avon Smooth Beginnings Base Coat
25. Wet N Wild Mega Last Strengthening Base Coat
26. Wet N Wild Wild Shine top coat

Currently, I have American Apparel’s Office on my toes and Wet N Wild’s Jade on my fingernails.

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