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Usually the “My LA Weekend” feature in the LA Times fills me with a seething rage (yeah, awesome, secret society at Disneyland, you know Anaheim’s not even in the same COUNTY as Los Angeles, right?) but Elisabeth Moss’s favorite weekend is actually pretty awesome-sounding.


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Funny little NY Post article about how the 3 martini lunch has now become “salad.”

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I love her too much to comment on the contradiction between posing in lingerie and wanting people to stop talking about your body.

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If this commercial doesn’t make you tear up a bit, you clearly have no soul.

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The bitchy eye-roll.

Bitch please. Then walk away.

Smile sweetly but inside, rageface.

Oh, really?

The last animated gif isn’t exactly “bitch face” but it is my favorite animated gif of all time and features Joan. (more…)

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