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I feel so cool. I just discovered this Twitter feed dedicated to highlighting Los Angeles’s missed connections. (W for M.)

Is there a M for W version I should be aware of?


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Usually the “My LA Weekend” feature in the LA Times fills me with a seething rage (yeah, awesome, secret society at Disneyland, you know Anaheim’s not even in the same COUNTY as Los Angeles, right?) but Elisabeth Moss’s favorite weekend is actually pretty awesome-sounding.

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Since today is Transportation Freedom Day for LA, here is a transportation-related post. It’s kind of a complete horror story.

This poor woman must ride the bus for 14 miles just so she can cross her street. There are no pedestrian crossings in her village.

Lastly, the blog The Bus Bench is reviewing every Metro stop in LA County, and you can participate, if you’d like to contribute your thoughts on “what is that squawking noise at the 204/754 stop on Jefferson/Vermont.”

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I will take this opportunity to urge my fellow Los Angeles citizens to not panic and direct you to David Lynch’s Daily Report.

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