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Usually the “My LA Weekend” feature in the LA Times fills me with a seething rage (yeah, awesome, secret society at Disneyland, you know Anaheim’s not even in the same COUNTY as Los Angeles, right?) but Elisabeth Moss’s favorite weekend is actually pretty awesome-sounding.


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So the LA Times has a story about the “green” practices on the set of the film Valentine’s Day. (Reusable water bottles! Solar panels!)

But the fun part was the very blind-item-y, “Only one star had to be asked not to show up in a limo,” remark.

Valentine’s Day has a freaking ridiculous ensemble cast. One of those “every actor/actress ever” projects where it is nobody’s fault that the film is terrible and yet nobody really gets to stand out, either.

So, here’s your fun happy times poll: Which actor/actress from this film hates trees and nature and your future, little kid?

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From the LA Times,

“It’s kind of cool for a change,” said Sgt. Eric DeJesus, a 26-year-old from New Jersey who was at the wheel of a Humvee as the convoy made its way into Cite Soleil. “I mean, we do this in Iraq, but at the same time there we’re killing people, you know what I mean?”

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