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I feel so cool. I just discovered this Twitter feed dedicated to highlighting Los Angeles’s missed connections. (W for M.)

Is there a M for W version I should be aware of?


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Oooh, oooh! Let me guess! You have a casting couch!

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Something about the ALL-CAPS-CRAIGSLIST-AD says this is your big break! Especially the part about BYOB.

Hey, remember that guy in November who was pretending to be a photographer for Vibe magazine and just was a groper?

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God, how are you even old enough to post an ad on Craigslist if you can’t eat? I mean, you start eating and drinking right away at your mother’s breast. This is ridiculous.


Oh, wait.

You mean?



Still, next time make it a little more obvious. This is Craigslist. People aren’t looking for subtle.

For your next ad, I recommend something along these lines. (more…)

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