In case you missed this gem of a story, some people with pot-infused lollipop dreams were renovating a hotel in Koreatown to be a haven for potheads. But then, very quickly, their dreams went up in a puff of smoke.


One of my favorite celebrity crazypants, Nic Cage, apparently bought a pyramid for his final resting place.

Unlike most people, who (I assume) spend Sunday nights relaxing and getting ready for work the next day, I spend mine becoming needlessly outraged about mindless TV trying to sell itself as something else. And then I wonder why I am exhausted on Monday morning. BUT ANYWAY. I tweeted about finding Undercover Boss problematic, and then this happened. If you don’t know about this show, well, good for you. You’re probably a productive member of society. Continue Reading »

Scandal & Intrigue

My, how times have changed.


Two strings walk into Baskin-Robbins to try and order sundaes.

The server tells them, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve strings here.”

So the strings walk out and one string says to the other, “Now, I have an idea… you just twist around me here a little bit and let’s unravel our ends a little bit and walk back in there.”

So they walk back in to order a sundae.

The server says, “I’m sorry, but we don’t serve strings here. Aren’t you a string?”

And the first string replies, “No, I’m afraid not/a frayed knot.”

Funny little NY Post article about how the 3 martini lunch has now become “salad.”

Sweet Jesus. Thanks to NY Magazine, I have seen the Marmaduke trailer.

Now that you’re done gouging out your eyes, here is a roundup of other, terrible movies featuring dogs.

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