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Usually the “My LA Weekend” feature in the LA Times fills me with a seething rage (yeah, awesome, secret society at Disneyland, you know Anaheim’s not even in the same COUNTY as Los Angeles, right?) but Elisabeth Moss’s favorite weekend is actually pretty awesome-sounding.


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Unlike most people, who (I assume) spend Sunday nights relaxing and getting ready for work the next day, I spend mine becoming needlessly outraged about mindless TV trying to sell itself as something else. And then I wonder why I am exhausted on Monday morning. BUT ANYWAY. I tweeted about finding Undercover Boss problematic, and then this happened. If you don’t know about this show, well, good for you. You’re probably a productive member of society. (more…)

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Dan Schneider was profiled in the New York Times. A man who works with the youngs, profiled for the olds. Fun times!

(iCarly, Drake and Josh, everything Amanda Bynes did when she was famous, and now some show called Victorious.)

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What the hell happened to Taylor Momsen?

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I love her too much to comment on the contradiction between posing in lingerie and wanting people to stop talking about your body.

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Disney has been airing marathon upon marathon of Sonny With A Chance lately so I felt the need to compare it to Nickelodeon’s iCarly.

iCarly Sonny With A Chance
Network Nickelodeon Disney Channel
Tween Star Miranda Cosgrove Demi Lovato
Why You Recognize Her Drake and Josh, the movie School of Rock She and Selena Gomez were billed as the replacements for Miley Cyrus on the long, awkward Disney conveyor belt of overly sexualized yet “innocent” tweens. You recognize her from Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers and YouTube videos where she and Selena made fun of Miley.
Does She Sing Her Theme Song? Yes. It’s actually kind of peppy if auto-tuned into oblivion. Yes, duh, she’s on Disney post-High School Musical. Kid doesn’t have a choice.
Show Premise Kids create an inexplicably famous web show on the internet. Lots of emphasis on technology and internet culture. Sketches are kind of funny, if broadly acted. (However, it’s a show for tweens, so what do you expect?) Show about a girl getting to be on a sketch comedy show similar to what All That was back in the day. It’s like a tween version of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and the comedy sketches are every bit as not funny as Studio 60’s.
Example of a Comedy Sketch The Sack Granny Slam
Internet Picture
Justifiable Excuse for Watching This show takes a pretty familiar premise, the show within a show conceit, and changes it a bit by making it more “modern.” It’s a web show! Internet memes! Technology! Slightly more relevant to the life that kids today lead, but minus all the sexting. It’s on Teen Nick a lot. If you’re embarrassed, you can pretend you just left it on while watching a Degrassi marathon, but that’s arguably worse. The iCarly special iSaved Your Life had insane ratings, beating out the show 24 so it’s not like you’re alone in watching it. Also, the humor on this show is slightly more mature than on Disney. They can get away with a bit more. (Bra jokes! Actual hormones!) I cannot in good conscience recommend this show. It’s pretty terrible and has a boring premise. The jokes aren’t even bad-funny. They’re just bad. If you must watch the Disney Channel, which, I admit, I like to do sometimes… watch Suite Life on Deck or The Wizards of Waverly Place.
Winner Funny, Cute, and Quirky Unoriginal Premise, Poorly Executed

However, this is all very subjective and pretty much just the opinion of someone who watches tween sitcom marathons while painting her nails and nursing her hangovers. What show do you prefer? Are you even familiar with either of these shows?

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The bitchy eye-roll.

Bitch please. Then walk away.

Smile sweetly but inside, rageface.

Oh, really?

The last animated gif isn’t exactly “bitch face” but it is my favorite animated gif of all time and features Joan. (more…)

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