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My, how times have changed.


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Two strings walk into Baskin-Robbins to try and order sundaes.

The server tells them, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve strings here.”

So the strings walk out and one string says to the other, “Now, I have an idea… you just twist around me here a little bit and let’s unravel our ends a little bit and walk back in there.”

So they walk back in to order a sundae.

The server says, “I’m sorry, but we don’t serve strings here. Aren’t you a string?”

And the first string replies, “No, I’m afraid not/a frayed knot.”

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Funny little NY Post article about how the 3 martini lunch has now become “salad.”

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Sweet Jesus. Thanks to NY Magazine, I have seen the Marmaduke trailer.

Now that you’re done gouging out your eyes, here is a roundup of other, terrible movies featuring dogs.


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Dan Schneider was profiled in the New York Times. A man who works with the youngs, profiled for the olds. Fun times!

(iCarly, Drake and Josh, everything Amanda Bynes did when she was famous, and now some show called Victorious.)

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of drugs is She’s Out of My League star Jay Barachel taking?

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What the hell happened to Taylor Momsen?

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