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There is real poetry in the real world, science is the poetry of reality…


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Miss Beverly Hills makes some pretty horrifying comments about same-sex marriage and gays. The City of Beverly Hills promptly denounces, “She’s from Pasadena. We don’t have a pageant.”

Turns out, Miss California USA contestants can just randomly pick any area they wish to represent.

So, I, as Miss San Gabriel Valley, would like to state that this chick is nuts.

Also, fundamentalists and attention-seekers, please stop quoting Leviticus as your end-all Bible-resource on who should get stoned. Because, I mean, you’re doing it wrong.

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One of the reasons I f’loved The Princess and the Frog is because it reminded me of the Renaissance of Disney animation, which was basically my childhood bread and butter.

So basically, I really want to see this.

Quick question for all my fellow millennial… what is your favorite animated film from your childhood? (Disney or not.)

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latest internet fad!

Check out a tutorial on how to create laser eyes in photoshop after the jump. (more…)

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I love her too much to comment on the contradiction between posing in lingerie and wanting people to stop talking about your body.

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Start from the bottom, which is obvious, as long as you know how time works on the internet. Anyway. I don’t know if it matters who tweeted these or not, because they would have bothered me coming from anyone. In the interest of full disclosure, they are by a black male who plays a sport for an NCAA Div 1 team. He also goes to Bible study regularly. These are the main things that I know about him, and now you know them too. Moving on.

The particular mistress in question was attention-seeking, yes. Obviously. She slept with Tiger Woods. Does being a pornstar make her any less human though? No. Of course not. I’m really bothered by the casual misogyny and dehumanization at work here. Virgin/whore dichotomy *flashing lights, marquee scroll*, this woman has sex for a living. Elin deserves an apology because she was the faithful wife. The mistresses deserve nothing, regardless of their feelings for Tiger/whether he legitimately hurt them or not. I don’t have a clear point with this. Christian charity, my ass. Pornstars are people, too. That’s about it.

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