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Have a safe and happy New Year from all of us at Young Ladies of Quality!

Happy New Year



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In case you need some assistance with your resolution for the new year check out this site! (via Laughing Squid)

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I spent the better part of a year of my life living with very charming young men in an altogether very strange living situation. We had stadium seating in our living room, two fridges (one for beer and chicken nuggets and the other for everything else) and a television completely dedicated to the XBox. I basically lived in a fraternity house and overcompensated by having a very pink bathroom. It was a delightful experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. And between sporting events on TV (which I love) and King of the Hill reruns (which I sorta hate), I had the great fortune to watch the boys play Halo 3 (which had just been released) pretty much non stop. If you have never done this, I highly recommend it. Pray that they have a microphone headset thing so you can listen to everyone shit-talking. It is often sexist and dumb but there are a few gems of insults that you can bring into the light of normal banter and seem like the fucking king of comebacks. However, be careful that you don’t let it take over:

At some point in the future we should really talk about stigmas around female gamers and first person shooters, but that is for another day. For now you can read this paper by one of my favorite professors in the history of professor-dom, Dmitri Williams.

p.s. extra double infinity bonus points if you understood the reference to this in the post title.

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When you are bored and run out of internet, Craigslist is always there for you with the non-stop comedy gold.

I can’t believe he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s just so eloquent.

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Quick. Let’s play a game. List everything that sounds absolutely terrifying or just plain incorrect in this Craigslist ad.

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YLoQ’s picks for the best mash-up/wrap-up videos to hit the tubez:

Music or The Year Pop Lived and Died (yes, that was an MJ reference):

Movies or The Year Erin Wanted to See All of These but Didn’t:

Pop Culture or The Year BLACKPRESIDENT!

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And we’re back… I missed you all over the xmas break (and yes, I have a “sleeping on my parent’s couch” related injury). So now that the gift giving is done, it is time to take a serious look at the past decade. The new year – 2010 – is fast approaching and amid my concerns of not having a sparkly sequined top to wear to New Year’s Eve parties this year, I have been thinking about how incredible and terrible the past decade has been for business and technology. Here is a quick summary:

Seriously, folks, can you remember life without wikipedia, youtube, facebook and twitter? What did we do on the internet all day? And business… oh lord! I suppose this illuminates why I have been laid off twice in the past year…

So here is to you 2010 and 2011 (Andre in hand, because that is all I can afford [thanks, economy]). I hope you are pretty friggen awesome because the world is ending in 2012 and I will no longer have to care about diddly squat.

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